August, 2015

The Slow Show God Only Knows

At: Oude Haven

The five gentlemen comprising “The Slow show” make nostalgic, emotion evoking music, heavily influenced by cinematic scores and adorned with string and brass sections. We met up with them during their brief visit in Rotterdam , where they were programmed to play at pop up 010, a monthly musical event which takes place on different locations in the city. They played “God Only Knows” taken from their debut Album “White Water” which came out earlier this spring.

Direction, Camera & Editing : Margarita Kouvatsou
Production: Marlou de Rijke/ Margarita Kouvatsou
Sound: Rikke Korswagen
Interview: Jerry Hormone

For more of that wonderful music

Interview: The Slow Show

Idiosyncratic Mancunians “The Slow Show” talked to Jerry Hormone about their current album and their future plans during their brief visit to Rotterdam for festival Pop Up 010.

Location: Oude Haven

The Old Harbor (1350)  is one of the oldest harbors in the city. The German bombing which took place in may 14th 1940, destroyed the heart of the city and with it a great deal of the harbor. Fortunately a few old buildings remain to remind us of the greatness of the location. Amongst them, Het Witte Huis, one of the first European sky scrapers. Nowadays the area is a great tourist attraction combining the nostalgia of the old harbor with the innovation of modern architecture embodied, amongst others, by the Kubuswoningen (1984).