July 2015

The Indien Summer Night

At: Tuned Imports

Intriguing vintage beauties, owned by Tuned Imports, set up a perfectly fitting backdrop to the dreamy 60’s sounding melodic pop of The Indien.

Re:VERSION recorded a unique acoustic session of their latest single ‘Summer Night’ performed live by the, through 60’s – 70’s soul and jazz inspired, indie band. The sound of strumming guitar chords and rustling shakers form the instrumental basis of this song.

Direction, Camera & Editing : Margarita Kouvatsou
Production: Marlou de Rijke/ Margarita Kouvatsou
Sound: Rikke Korswagen
Interview: Jerry Hormone

For more of that wonderful music – www.theindien.com

Interview: The Indien

The Indien talked to Jerry Hormone about their recently released single, their forthcoming E.P and their work process. Filmed in Tuned imports on the border of  Rotterdam and Schiedam.

Location: Tuned Imports

Tuned Imports is a vintage car company, specialising in rare UK and American automobiles, It is situated in the industrial area which lays between the west end of Rotterdam and Schiedam.