About Re:Version

Keep in mind the bio’s on this page were written in 2015 so the information might be outdated.

Re:VERSION was a web based platform (est. Oct 1st 2012), featuring acoustic (and semi acoustic) music sessions on location using the city of Rotterdam as a backdrop.

We film stripped down versions of songs, on various locations. The artists must try and REinvent and REapproach their songs, bring it back to their most initial state, hence the ‘Re:’ in the name.

Our goal is to support the local music scene, promote bands and venues and put more focus on Rotterdam as creative and cultural epicenter.

There are lots of interesting music related activities going on in Rotterdam, why not give them more attention? Many international bands and artists love Rotterdam; we try and capture those moments. We want to create an archive documenting this on our website.

Margarita Kouvatsou
Founder/ Creative Director & Filmmaker

Margarita Kouvatsou is a freelance video maker. After studying Literature and Theater in the Uk she headed off to the Netherlands and studied Moving Image in the Royal academy of Arts in the Hague. In september 2012 she teamed up with Marlou de Rijke and founded music online platform Reversion, featuring videos of acoustic musical performances on location using her “home-away-from-home” Rotterdam as a backdrop. Her commissioned work specialises on online content, mainly focusing on music, fashion, design and culture.


Marlou de Rijke
Founder/ Production coordinator

Marlou (1984) was a bass player in various bands and an avid concert goer in her teens and early twenties. Her interest in the production side of live shows grew during her years working as a barmaid at Rotown. She has a bachelor in Interaction Design but loves doing various production gigs as a freelancer. She worked for various festivals (Motel Mozaique, IFFR) as a stagemanager, in artist handling and as an assistant location manager. She also has a thing for all things UK and attends The Great Escape Festival in Brighton every year.


Rikke Korswagen
Sound engineer/ musician

A good set of ears is more important then expensive gear. Our recording engineer focusses on the performance. For RE:VERSION it’s important to have the most natural sounding recording possible, so he uses the ambiance of the location to achieve that unique recording. From 2013, Rikke works as a recording producer in the South of France and Paris regularly, where he records music in the beautiful setting of a French castle. He produced records for Fablewright, Michiel Prins, Flip Noorman and his own band ‘Half Way Station’.


Jerry Hormone
Presentor/ Interviewer

Jerry Hormone (1982) is and was part of bands such as The Apers, Anne Frank Zappa, The Windowsill and The Jerry Hormone Ego Trip. Under the pseudonym Jeroen Aalbers he wrote over a hundred titles for the children’s books series Borre, which, amongst other languages, has been translated in Chinese and Korean. Now he writes for grown ups, as they call it in the children’s book bizz, runs literary magazine Strak and presents the cookery programme Snekken met Sjer. Jerry Hormone lives in Rotterdam with author Elfie Tromp and their Chinese crested dog Chin-Chin.

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Lonneke Ziemerink
Marketing/ Communications

Lonneke started out as a radioreporter at National radio station BNN in 2006, followed by the marketing department of the same company two years later. In 2009 she decided to travel all around Europe as a travel guide and later on as Destination Manager. After leaving behind countless trips to the airport and pub crawls, Lonneke became Brand Manager for the travel company Beachmasters in 2011. A year later she returned to the music business as Head of Marketing for music venue Bibelot, where she’s been occupied ever since.

Gino van Weenen
Presentor/ interviewer

A writer, poet and performer without any boundaries or limitations. His work is inspired by horror, contemporary art, musical journeys and crossroads of all sorts. In the types of different media he uses to express himself he always looks for a personal and gripping atmosphere. Writer for Rotterdam-based blogs like Versbeton.nl and Bogue.nl and recently the Rotterdam Indie Guides app.


Ofra Beenen

Ofra begun her career as an intern at Motel Mozaique Festival. After graduation Art & Economics, she started working as a music programmer and concept developer at Bibelot in Dordrecht and New Horizons Festival. In the weekends you mostly will find her behind the decks as part of the dj-duo Hollywood &Vine. (facebook link)

Ofra is a real businesswoman with a huge passion for music!

Thank You

Special thanks to our occasional sound engineers Eric Magnee, Tim Kelly, Sander van der Gaag.

Thank you to everyone who helped us out, you can see their names credited on the video pages! Special thanks to all artists, bands, managers, labels and distributors who we’ve worked with.

Yuri van Geenen

Yuri is a Dutch/American photographer, based in The Netherlands. He studied photography at the Photo Academy in Rotterdam. Since 2013 he is contracted at ZUMA Press, one of the world’s largest independent press agencies and wire services.

The majority of his work centers around everyday people and places and his observation of them. They often have loneliness or some form of detachment in common. He aims at uncovering the extraordinary within the ordinary.


Hit Me Productions

The foundation Hit Me Productions started in April 2014. The founders are Diana Roos and Hedi D. Legerstee. The founders and producers of the foundation have a great record of experience. They felt the need put in use by working on entertainment and cultural projects for a better purpose in life. After getting to know the one-for-one principle (I buy something, and within purchase I donate something to someone in need) they decided to apply it to events and conferences. Next to this principle they also produce a lot of cultural and artistic projects. This can be documentaries, theatre, dance and more. As long as the subject hits you in the heart!

Re:VERSION is a coalition to help young artists to show their work. We use our connections to find nice locations to film the videos. This way the bands get some promotion before performing in Rotterdam and we can show the audience some really beautiful hidden treasures in the city.

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