Re:VERSION was a web based platform (est. Oct 1st 2012), featuring acoustic (and semi acoustic) music sessions on location using the city of Rotterdam as a backdrop.

Reversion (n)
1. A return to or towards an earlier condition, practice, or belief; act of reverting
2. The act of reversing or the state of being reversed; reversal

Crying Boys Cafe I Was A Singer

at Muziekpaviljoen Prinses Beatrix

The IndienSummer Night

Intriguing vintage beauties, owned by Tuned Imports, set up a perfectly fitting backdrop to the…

DeWolffRide With You

Psychedelic blues-rock trio DeWolff make 70’s infused energetic tunes since 2008. In the seven years…

Sue the NightLook Forward

Sue the Night is the alternative pop formation based around singer/songwriter Suus de Groot. The…